Anatomy of a Case-Break 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball

When I sort through all of the cards after doing a baseball card break I like to see if any patterns occur.  It never dawned on me to share that information with anyone else, until now.  It’s neat to see how players are distributed within a collation of cards.  Some names might surprise in either direction; too many, or limited.

Here is my breakdown of my case of 2012 Topps baseball. A case yields 288 packs and odds stated are Hobby odds:

12-Die Cuts  1:24 Fell one per box, but no dupes

91- Refractors 1:3

48-XFractors 1:6

12-Blue Refractors #/199 1:21

7-Black Refractors #/100  1:41

4-Sepia Refractors #/75 1:55

5-Gold Refractors #/50 1:82  This was very interesting, harder pull popped up more.

2-Red Refractors #/50 1:153


16-Regular Autos 1:19

2-Refractor Autos 1:73

3-Blue Refractor Autos 1:149

1-Black Refractor Auto 1:296

1-Sepia Refractor Auto 1:395

1-Gold Auto 1:588

I pulled 5 Harper and Darvish cards, but here’s who I only pulled ONE of: Eric Hosmer, Mark Teixera, Ryan Vogelsong, Alex Liddi

Here are the players I pulled SEVEN of, the most of all others: Adam Lind, Pablo Sandoval, Adron Chambers, Brett Pill, Yoenis Cespedes!!


4 responses to “Anatomy of a Case-Break 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball

  1. Is there anything to do this? I was looking at my dupes for Chrome. The only card that was worth anything that I had a decent amount of dupes for was Trout (I don’t know the exact amount of packs I bought, but I haven’t bought any single cards and I’m 4 short for a set#1 and ~15 for set #2. My avg # of cards per player is 2 1/2. To keep it simple, going to keep parallels as another discussion and just talk about reg’s.
    When I looked through I had 7 Trout’s which was nice. Also had 5 of Cespedes. I think ~9 is the most I had of any card and I had that for about 10 different cards. ALL CRAP and I mean Alex Aliva/Vargas bad. Harper I had 2, Darvish was 1 of the 4 I had no cards of….But every card around my avg and over were not even Prince Fielder/Jacoby Ellsbury type good.
    Is this just luck of the draw or is there something to this that I don’t know about and less printing (albeit, I’m sure not major) for better cards? I guess its just bad luck…right? Just real weird and is pretty disappointing. Love to hear a response. Thanks for your time.
    RYan Parr
    Fantazzle Daily Fantasy Games

    • It really all depends on the collation of the set. Some products have perfect ordering of cards and you get equal amounts and other dont. Depends on amount of cards too– so far 2013 topps series one looks pretty good. no players in an extreme over the other.. still sorting some out tho..

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