2012 Topps Finest Robert Griffin III Superfractor pulled

I’ve never pulled a superfractor; i’ve only seen them on the internet.  I can only imagine what it feels like to flip through the cards and see the prismatic card hiding underneath waiting to say, “SURPRISE!! YOU’RE GONNA BE RICH!”.   Of course, if the money isn’t part of your collecting then it will be a good addition to your collection. PFFT!

No, the closest I’ve come to pulling a superfractor is seeing  the card shop I try to frequent as much as possible (Kenny’s Collectibles of Austin) posting a picture of the 2012 Topps Finest Robert Griffin III -autographed version.   I wasn’t even there when it was pulled. I wasn’t even there on the day it was pulled, but it came out of that shop and I feel like I was a part of it.  Sad, huh?


The superfractor has become the Holy Grail of card in recent years.  Do a websearch for “Stephen Strasburg superfractor” and see how many stories about the card pop up.  Stories from how it sold for a gabillion dollars, to the people that didn’t pay, to it being repacked and sold again, etc, etc.

Here are some notable superfractors listed now on eBay:

2010 Topps Chrome Mike Stanton auto/superfractor

2011 Bowman Chrome Brett Lawrie superfractor

2011 Topps Finest Mark Ingram superfractor auto/relic

2012 Topps Finest Robert Griffin III superfractor auto

If you have the fortune to pull one, congratulations- it will bring a good amount of attention, good and bad, but it’s one of the greatest cards in any collection.



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