eBay’s Fall Football Auction Frenzy Event

As an ongoing feature, eBay has showcased  more sports memorabilia-based events on its website throughout the year. The ‘Fall Football Auction Frenzy Event” will give fans of sports memorabilia an opportunity to, ahem, score- their favorite teams’ and players’ signed merchandise including; jerseys, helmets, cards and other memorabilia.

Set to end on September 30, eBay has partnered with different companies to be main focal-point of this promotion. Heritage Auctions, Mill Creek Sports, PressPass Collectibles, Probstein123 and Sun Diego Collectibles, Inc. are the highlighted business, but collectors should know many other reputable sellers will have products as well.

Earlier this year, eBay lifted its fee on the sports cards and memorabilia category for up to 5000 items each month. Sellers are now only responsible for the final value fees for each item.  Some have criticized this saying it flooded the market, while eBay has stated it helps buyers find more items online.  Either way- plenty of great sports memorabilia items are available on eBay.  Visit the Football Frenzy page and see if you find that perfect gift.


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