Pack Preview: 2013 Topps Museum Collection


The full details for next years installment of Museum Collection have arrived! The break-out hit struck a chord as collectors slowly discovered the amazing jumbo relics, amazing autos, and overall solid design of the product. And what was great about the product has largely remained untouched.

In each box of Museum Collection you will receive four packs. Each pack will contain three base cards, one parallel card and one autograph or relic card. Of those hits- you are guaranteed either an on-card autograph, an auto’d relic card, a jumbo relic card, or a quad relic card. In every case of Museum Collection you are guaranteed two hits, including an autographed jumbo relic card and a framed Museum Collection on-card autograph card. The guarantee of on-card autographs is going to be a key selling point. Overcoming the ‘sophomore slump’ is essential to ensuring continued success, and on-card autographs will definitely help.

The 100-card base set will be back on the premium card stock and feature four different parallels including: Copper (one per pack unless replaced with another color), Green (#/99), Blue (#/99), Red (1/1). Canvas Collection cards are back again this year and will feature 50 different subjects. Reproductions will be included one per box while the original painted version will be numbered to only 10 copies. These were definitely a pleasant surprise in last year’s set and will sure to be a nice addition in 2013.

The archival autographs will feature over 75 stars signing on-card and will all be numbered lower than 399. There will be gold and sepia parallels added; each of which will be numbered to only five copies. Twenty-five cards will feature dual on-card autographs and will be numbered to 15 copies. There will also be triple on-card autos and those will all be numbered to five. Any time there are more than two people signing and can be guaranteed to being on-card is extremely impressive.


Other on-card autographs include:

  • Cut signatures– 20 of the greatest names from the history of the game with each being 1/1’s.
  • Framed on-card autographs- Over 50 superstars will sign on=card in metallic ink for these beautifully framed cards. Gold (#/15), Silver (#/10), Black (#/5).

From the preliminary product info- the assortment of autographed relic cards looks solid. Topps is definitely making a statement with variety in the relics department. The ‘Signature Swatches’ will be single-player auto’d cards featuring two and three relic pieces. They will each feature a gold parallel numbered to 25 and patch parallels numbered to five. The patch parallels will guarantee pieces of patch from the specified player.

Also available will be jumbo-relic auto’s featuring over 100 players with a jumbo swatch of game-used memorabilia and autograph. These will be limited to only ten copies and fall one per case. Quad-relic autographs feature 40 players in book-card format and will be numbered to 10 copies.


As previously stated, once the jumbo relic cards began to pop up on the secondary market collectors immediately began to take a closer look at 2012 Museum Collection. 2013’s edition does not disappoint. With a guarantee of one jumbo relic in each box there will be more incentive to purchase more than one pack if you can afford it.

Over 100 players will be featured as a ‘Momentous Material’ jumbo relic and each card will be numbered to 50. The cards feature over-sized swatches of game-used memorabilia and are just amazing to look at in person. Each subject will feature a gold parallel numbered to 35, a rainbow parallel numbered to 10 and a gold rainbow limited to one copy each. An alternative ‘Lumber Relic’ version will feature a jumbo piece of bat and be numbered to only 30 copies. Gold, Rainbow are featured but will be numbered to 20 and five copies respectively. The Gold/Rainbow version is still 1/1.

Other Jumbo Relic Cards Include:

  • Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate-100 superstars with a one-of-a-kind nameplate relic. These are all 1/1s.
  • Momentous Material Laundry Tag- 100 cards featuring the laundry tag from a game-worn jersey. These are only available domestically and each numbered 1/1.
  • Momentous Material Jumbo Patch- Over 50 players with an over-sized patch piece from a game-worn item. Each numbered to five.
  • Museum Memorabilia-100 cards featuring a unique jersey swatch from the game’s biggest stars. All 1/1s.
  • Momentous Material Dual Jumbo Relics- 30 book cards featuring over-sized swatches of game-used memorabilia from two players. All numbered to five.
  • Dual Jumbo Lumber Relics- 30 book cards featuring over-sized slices of game -used bats from two players, each numbered to five.


Quad relics offer up 50 subjects with four pieces of game-used memorabilia. Dubbed ‘Primary Pieces’, they will be numbered to 99 unless it’s a copper parallel (#/75), or gold parallel (#/25). Quad patch relics will guarantee patch pieces and be numbered to five copies each.

Other Quad Relics Include:

  • Primary Pieces Single-Player Quad Relics Legends- 20 of the all-time greats with four game-used mem. pieces. All numbered to 25. Will feature a gold parallel numbered to five.
  • Primary Pieces Four-Player Quad Relics- 25 cards featuring four players and a piece of game-used memorabilia from each. These are numbered to 99. Copper parallels will be numbered to 75 and gold parallels numbered to 25.
  • Primary Pieces Four-Player Quad Patch Relics- Only 10 cards and will feature four players and four pieces of guaranteed game-worn patch. Only limited to five copies each.

A new addition for 2013 will be randomly inserted box loaders. These will be extremely hard to pull but will have the potential of being one of the best additions for the year. Framed over-sized canvas collection cards will be 20 stunning reproductions of original art and framed. Regular version will be numbered to 25 while 10 of them will be autographed by the featured player and be numbered to only five copies.

Also available to a lucky collector will be framed over-sized jersey nameplate cards. 20 over-sized cards will feature full jersey nameplates and will be framed like the Museum Collection cards. Each one will be numbered 1/1.

Lots of potential value added to 2013 Museum Collection and the addition of on-card autographs make this almost a sure bet for collectors. Clean, simple design still foster creativity with various auto and relics available.




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