Flea Market Finds: Vintage Yankees Megaphone

On highway 290, right in the middle of Austin and Houston, lies a quaint- blink and you miss- town named Carmine.  The main buildings are along the road and it goes on for, what feels like, 100-yards.  This is somewhat of an entry-way to Round Top which hosts one of the biggest antique shows in all of Texas.  Because of this, the buildings are mostly made up of various artsy, antique stores.  Here you will find a lot of furniture, antique jewelry and various other goodies, so I make sure to stop here either headed towards Houston, or at least on my way back.

On one particular stop I encountered something unusual for Texas; it was Yankees memorabilia- more specifically a 1960’s-era Yankees popcorn holder/ megaphone.  Unusual only because you don’t normally find sports-related items from the northeast around these parts. Needless to say, I was thrilled!

In the 60’s these megaphones were sold as popcorn holders and when you were finished you took off the bottom plate and could use it to cheer on the Yankees.  Not quite rare, these items are still fun to find, and because made of paper, most have wrinkles or other damage.

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