Pack Preview: Bowman Inception Baseball

Inception Baseball on point to match football counterpart

Rolling in like the dark clouds featured on the first images comes a product that has only been released for football cards. Topps announced today: Bowman Inception Baseball!

In each high-end pack will include four autograph cards and one relic that also features an autograph.

Prospect autos will feature multiple parallels including:

  • Gold- #/99
  • Blue-#/75
  • Orange-#/50
  • Green-#/25
  • Red-#/10
  • Purple-#/5
  • Inception Parallel-1/1
  • Framed Printing Plates-1/1

Also included will be inscription autos numbered to 10.

Since it is Bowman, there will be previously stated prospect autos and rookie autographs. These will fall under that same color paralleling.

Additionally, Silver Signings will have rookies and prospects signing all ON-CARD and will be silver ink signatures on a black card, a la, Bowman Black. Silver versions will be numbered to 25 while Gold Ink version numbered to only five copies.

Dual Rise Autographs will have a prospect and a rookie from same franchise on same card with a on-card autographs. Duals will be numnbered to 25 while triple auto versions will be #’d/5.

Some of the neat continuity programs included with this set are the Blue Sapphire Refractors, which feature 10 subjects that represent the “Best Bowman Players of All-Time”. These will be featured in all Bowman products throughout the year.

Bowman Inception Baseball is going to take it back a few years with the inclusion of Little League Autographs. These cards will be extremely limited and feature a big leaguer with his Little League or high school photo.

There will also be another essay contest from Topps, but this time collectors will look for sweepstakes cards for an entry into the Baseball Factory Tryout & Under Armour All-American Game. Winners will receive a trip for two and opportunity to take batting practice during the first round of home run derby.

—Overall a great looking set, but collectors who have ripped open Inception Football know what to expect from the quality of these cards. The only real draw back is the chipping factor. We’ll wait and see how Topps addresses the issue. Stay tuned for more details!




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