Pack Preview: 2013 Topps Baseball Series 2

Dubbed, ‘The Chase Continues’, Topps is set to keep collectors on the hunt for some of the biggest names in baseball with 2013 Topps Series 2.

330 cards will make up the mid-season set and will feature veterans, rookies, cy young winners and record chasers. The biggest chase of them all being Ted Williams chase for a .400 season.  Various Chase-themed inserts will be spread throughout this product which definitely looks like a strong follow-up to the fan favorite flagship Topps set.

Parallels to the base set will include:

  • Gold Parallel- #/2013
  • Black Parallel- #/62 (Hobby, HTA only)
  • Pink Parallel- #/50
  • Emerald Foil Parallel- inserted 1:6
  • Desert Camo Foil- #/99
  • Printing Plates- 1,320 1/1 plates. (Hobby, HTA only)
  • Silk Collection- 100 framed silk mini cards, #’d/50 and Hobby, HTA only

Six main insert cards can be found in series two including minis that will be featuring the 1972 Topps design and Chasing History cards featuring retired and active players who are chasing or have chased history.

Other notable inserts include:

  • Making their Mark- 25 cards featuring future stars celebrating their first home run or win.
  • Cut to the Chase- 25 die-cut chrome cards.
  • The Elite- 20 high-end cards featuring some of the best players of all time. Gold parallels of these are available and numbered to 99; both versions are hobby & HTA only.
  • Chase it Down- 15 Cards featuring photographs of some of the best catches of the year.
  • World Baseball Classic Stars- 15 of the biggest stars from around the world representing their countries.

Each regular box has either an autograph or relic card and jumbo boxes have one autograph and two relic cards, but there are special manufactured relics as well that collectors can be on the hunt for. The manufactured relic cards will be one per HTA box and one per hobby case.

One of the special relic cards will be a MVP Award Winner card featuring 10 MVP winners with a commemorative MVP trophy embedded in the card. Along with that will be 15 Silver Slugger cards and 25 Proven Mettle Coin cards which will have an embedded coin.

Autograph cards will feature:

  • 1972 Topps Mini Autos- 10 Subjects signed on-card, sequentially #’d/10
  • Chasing History- 40+ subjects with a gold version #’d/10
  • Chasing History Cut Signatures- 20 players all 1/1’s
  • Making their Mark- 10 subjects
  • Cut to the Chase- Five subjects #’d/10
  • The Elite Autographs- 10 subjects signed on-card. #’d/10
  • Chase it Down- Five subjects #’d/10

There will also be autographed-relic cards and basic relic inserts feauring the same numbering as the autographs. Though the Elite, Chase it Down and Cut to the Chase auto/relics will be numbered to only five copies.  The most notable inclusion is the Greatest Chase Cut Signature which celebrates Ted Wiliams’ successful chase for a .400 season.  These cards will be numbered to only five and will have a game-used relic and a cut signature.

Other Notable relics inlcude:

  • The Elite- 10 subjects #’d/25
  • Chase it Down- 10 subjects #’d/25
  • Own the Name- 500 cards featuring letter patches from game-worn MLB jerseys. Each being a 1/1 and Hobby, HTA only.
  • The Chase Redemption- 15 cards good to redeem full items of game used memorabilia.
  • The Greatest Chase Relic- Game-used Ted Williams cards all numbered to 50.
  • The Ultimate Chase Cards- 20 individually designed and contructed cards featuring some of the biggest active and retired stars. Each will be either an auto, unique relic, or a cut signature and relic.

This year’s set is sure to be one of the strongest Topps flagships releases in recent years. Collectors are indeed lucky to be part of this hobby this year. Be on the lookout for Series two during the second week of June!


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