Historic Autograph Company celebrates The Art of Baseball

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The lastest release from the Historic Autograph Company has been released and so far it looks amazing. Celebrating ‘The Art of Baseball’ collectors will be delighted by the Perez-Steele Celebration post cards in this set.  The ‘Celebration’ series was released as a 44-card set released in 1989 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Hall of Fame.  The entire print run of 10,000 sold out and even more special was 34 of the players included signed their respective cards.

These autographed versions are now brought back to life in this set, but are now slabbed and graded by by one of the leaders in the industry PSA.  HAC sell sheets stated that at least two PSA 10 graded cards were to be featured per 10-box case.  Also, 10 complete, 60-card sets are available from this product  which will be a great hold for the future. With only 200 cases available through HAC- this has great upside.

Since these sets were already available on the market, Perez-Steele Celebration postcards can  undoubtedly be obtained from various locations.  I don’t think that’s lost on anyone.  With this product you get the cards graded and you know that all of the players are available; especially some of the harder players like Campanella and Greenberg.  Coincidentally these are part of a 15-card SP list.

Visit the Historic Autographs website for more information on all of the releases

Checklist is here

Take a look at some of the cards already available on eBay:


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