2013 Astros FanFest Recap

If you read the post on MLB FanFests then you may already know what to expect, so this is a quick recap of how the Astros FanFest was.

The Astros festival was held on January 26, and gates opened slightly after the scheduled time of 11 a.m. Not really a big deal since we were all close to the front of the line.  With a little investigative reporting, (eves dropping) I was able to figure out where they were doing the autograph vouches.  You see- for this particular FanFest, there were no preorder autograph vouchers; they were only available on the day of the show.  Once we all got in and the proceeded to the line for auto vouchers we learned they were only letting each person get one ticket per session, so anyone that was trying to get multiple things from the same player were going to be out of luck.  Fortunately for me I was with two other people.

Once tickets were paid for we wanted to visit the different attractions including the Authentics Booth and Garage Sale.  Suprisingly the garage sale only had very few items for sale, all of it left over stadium giveaway items from last year.  The Astros have switched the logo so everything from last year is already outdated.

The always fun authentics booth was PACKED. It was filled with game-used jerseys, baseballs and equipment.  Also available were pieces of seat backs and new baseballs with old logo.  The only problem with the authentics booth was how crowded it was.  It’s not really a store, so everything is just off to the side and the line blocked people’s ability to browse the racks.  Didn’t see anything I had to have.

Other than that- there were plenty of vendor booths giving away free snacks and there was a handful of bouncy-houses and slided for the kids.  On the field were two fan-friendly interactive sessions for pitching and hitting.  Also included were story time sessions and and interactive sessions for fans to ask questions of the players involved.

Fun day overall, but nothing you need to plan a whole day for; just a fun event to get ready for the season.


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