2013 Topps Series One: Retail manufactured patch checklist

As early retail blasters are now beginning to hit store shelves, collectors are in for a nice surprise.  Included of specially-marked retail boxes are either manufactured commemorative or rookie patch cards.  The commemorative patch cards should be familiar to most collectors that have purchased retail blasters in the past, but it’s the rookie patch cards that are getting fans of the history of Topps excited.  Take a look at some of the images and know this information will be updated as it arrives.


CP-1 Adam Jones     Baltimore Orioles®
CP-2 Dustin Pedroia   Boston Red Sox®
CP-3 Mike Trout    Angels®
CP-4 Felix Hernandez    Seattle Mariners™
CP-5 Yu Darvish    Texas Rangers®
CP-6 Jose Bautista   Toronto Blue Jays®
CP-7 Trevor Bauer  Arizona Diamondbacks®
CP-8 Jason Heyward   Atlanta Braves™
CP-9 Nolan Ryan   Houston Astros®
CP-10 Adrian Gonzalez   Los Angeles Dodgers®
CP-11 Giancarlo Stanton   Miami Marlins™
CP-12 David Wright   New York Mets®
CP-13 Yonder Alonso   San Diego Padres™
CP-14 Matt Holliday  St. Louis Cardinals®
CP-15 Bryce Harper  Washington Nationals®
CP-16 Billy Butler Kansas City Royals®
CP-17 Ryan Braun Milwaukee Brewers™
CP-18 Yoenis Cespedes Oakland Athletics™
CP-19 Will Clark San Francisco Giants®
CP-20 Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves™
CP-21 Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs®
CP-22 Chris Sale Chicago White Sox®
CP-23 Mike Schmidt Philadelphia Phillies®
CP-24 Stephen Strasburg Washington Nationals®
CP-25 Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds®


RCP-1 Willie Mays New York Giants™
RCP-2 Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs®
RCP-3 Roberto Clemente Pittsburgh Pirates®
RCP-4 Sandy Koufax Brooklyn Dodgers™
RCP-5 Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals®
RCP-6 Willie McCovey San Francisco Giants®
RCP-7 Reggie Jackson Oakland Athletics™
RCP-8 Ryne Sandberg Chicago Cubs®
RCP-9 George Brett Kansas City Royals®
RCP-10 Eddie Murray Baltimore Orioles®
RCP-11 Ozzie Smith San Diego Padres™
RCP-12 Rickey Henderson Oakland Athletics™
RCP-13 Jim Palmer Baltimore Orioles®
RCP-14 Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres™
RCP-15 Wade Boggs Boston Red Sox®
RCP-16 Don Mattingly New York Yankees®

RCP-17 Darryl Strawberry New York Mets®

RCP-18 Dwight Gooden New York Mets®

RCP-19 Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners™
RCP-20 Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves™
RCP-21 Derek Jeter New York Yankees®
RCP-22 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals®
RCP-23 Mike Trout Angels®
RCP-24 Bryce Harper Washington Nationals®
RCP-25 Yu Darvish Texas Rangers®

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