Topps announces Spring Fever Collection

Topps cards announced Monday afternoon two additional programs to help launch Series one baseball to add more value.

Cal Ripken Jr Spring Fever card

Cal Ripken Jr Spring Fever card

Continuing with the ‘Chase’ theme, Spring Fever redemption cards will be randomly inserted into packs of Series one baseball cards

which can be redeemed at hobby shops around the country.  The 5-card packs will only be redeemable during the first week of Spring Training (Feb. 20th- Feb. 27th).  The packs will feature stars and retired legends, but will will have randomly inserted autograph cards.  A full list of participating hobby shops will be available Wendesday.
UPDATE: The listing of stores is here:

The second incentive will be code cards for the $1 million dollar chase.  Don’t fret if you don’t think you’re gonna win the big chunk of cash as there are other prizes included like special coin cards and autograph cards. Topps has laid out the instructions on how to enter the chase:


  1.      -Find special Million Dollar Chase Code Cards in 013 Topps Baseball
  2.      -Go to to enter your code, unlock hitters and build your roster
  3.       -When MLB Action starts in April, Select hitters on your roster that you think will get a hit that day.If you get a   hit, your streak moves on
  4.      – Win awesome prizes as you accumulate consecutive hits like autographs cards (see Fielder card attached), exclusive coin cards (see Harper card attached) and autographed memorabilia.  Topps will be giving away thousands of autographs.
  5.     -Be the first to rack up 57 consecutive hits and you will win $1 Million Dollars.

Stay connected with Topps on Facebook at or on twitter @toppscards for more information on the game





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