Andrew Luck 2012 Contenders 1/1 sells for $42,300

Update via Susan Lulgjuraj, editor of Beckett Football: The buyer of the Luck card claims his children accessed his account to place winning bid.  Read more about it here.


Last week the 2012 Playoff Contenders Andrew Luck 1/1 sold for $42, 300.  A remarkable feat in any modern day sports card, especially since the last memorable sports card to sell in that neighborhood was the 2010 Topps Chrome Stephen Strasburg SuperFractor- which andrewluck1of1sold for 16 thousand, and then again for 21 thousand dollars.

But is this good for the hobby?  Everyone wants to hit that big pull, but if you remember in the Strasburg card’s case, there is a huge headache dealing with a card of that magnitude.

First of all, we need to wait and see what happens with the buyer of this card.  Will it get paid for, or is this going to have to get relisted.  Secondly, do huge hits like this make collectors more resentful when they don’t hit the huge dollar cards?  ‘Hits’ are definitely a fun addition to card sets; starting a hashtag focusing on hits is because of that, but when modern day cards sell for that much, hobbyists may start to push a little harder trying to hit the big pay day, ultimately becoming disappointed when they realize, “The house always wins”.

Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Do huge modern day prices affect your card purchases? Or do these big dollar cards hurt the hobby when people realize these are extremely rare?


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