2013 Topps Heritage Bazooka insert guide

One of the inserts in 2013 Topps Heritage is the 1964  Bazooka insert.  These smaller-than-normal cards feature a full color picture on front and minimal wording on the back. Here is the checklist with links to current listings:

1964 BAZOOKA Inserts

64B-AM Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates®
64B-BG Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals®
64B-BH Bryce Harper Washington Nationals®
64B-BP Buster Posey San Francisco Giants®
64B-BR Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles®
64B-CY Carl Yastrzemski Boston Red Sox®
64B-DJ Derek Jeter New York Yankees®
64B-EB Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs®
64B-EM Eddie Mathews Milwaukee Braves™
64B-FH Felix Hernandez Seattle Mariners™
64B-HK Harmon Killebrew Minnesota Twins®
64B-JM Juan Marichal San Francisco Giants®
64B-JV Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers®
64B-MC Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers®
64B-MT Mike Trout Angels®
64B-RB Ryan Braun Milwaukee Brewers™
64B-RC Roberto Clemente Pittsburgh Pirates®
64B-SK Sandy Koufax Los Angeles Dodgers®
64B-WM Willie Mays San Francisco Giants®
64B-YC Yoenis Cespedes


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