Pack Preview: 2013 Bowman Chrome Baseball JUMBO



Product information has already been  released for 2013 Bowman Chrome, but prospectors should be excited about one thing: Jumbo boxes with three autographs in every box.

In each of the 12 packs per box you will find six Bowman Chrome cards and seven Chrome prospect cards.

It could definitely lead to a watered-down product, but even with a higher-end release such as Bowman Sterling, there are plenty of collectors interested in autographs.  Especially if they can get most of them on-card.

This installment of Bowman Chrome will also feature variations from Bowman Baseball in the chrome format and special 65th anniversary refractors that has been a theme throughout all Bowman products this year.

For some, parallels are key, so you will be on the lookout for eight different colors of autographed prospect refractors that consist of, Refractor (#/500), Blue (#/150), Gold (#/50), Orange (#/25), Purple (#/10), Red (#/5), and Superfractor ,Printing Plates (1/1).  Purple through Superfractor parallels are going to only be found in hobby products.

The rookie class appears to have the same treatment with the exception of the regular refractor that is numbered to 500. Fortunately there are plenty of other inserts to drive collectors like, Risin’ thru the Ranks mini chrome cards.  One prospect from each organization coming up from the minor leagues will be featured, and will have autographed versions numbered to 25 copies.

Die-cut cards of young MLB players that are making a name for themselves are featured in the ‘Fit the Bill’ insert set. Each will be numbered to 99 and autographed versions will be numbered to 25.

For the most part, Bowman Chrome follows the tried and true format that has helped this prospect set perform well year after year.  The difference with this set compared to Bowman Draft Picks is obviously the inclusion of veteran stars to coincide with the prospects.  Give a little extra to collectors that maybe want something extra in Topps Chrome.

The non-auto colored parallels are always good ways to squeeze extra value on the secondary market and the continued inclusion of Bowman Black and Futures Game redemptions will definitely provide that extra spark for collectors.

Be on the look out for the regular and jumbo packs during second week of September and stay tuned for more checklist information.





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