Pack Preview: 2013 Topps Inception Football




The third installment of Topps Inception football is ready to be released and ready to capture the excitement of the 2013 rookie class.  Inception marks the first high-end football release of the year for Topps and they’re hoping this will set precedent for all remaining products in 2013.

Each box will contain two autograph or autographed relic cards, and one jumbo jersey or patch relic card.  Topps is claiming that every base rookie card is going to be signed on-card, so that will be a fix from last year’s version.

Set collectors rejoice as there will also be two veteran base cards and two veteran base card parallels.  One of the parallel cards will be a green parallel, but collectors may also find a Purple (#/99), Yellow (#/75), Red (#/50), or Inception blue and Printing plates, both numbered 1/1.

The autographed cards will feature up to 40 rookies from the NFLPA Rookie Premier and feature a Green Parallel (#/99), Purple (#/75), Yellow (#/50), Red (#/25), and Inception blue numbered 1/1. There will be Inception Element autographs that will features players in elements of weather and will also be on-card.

Other autographs included will be signed in silver or gold ink with gold inscription versions being the hardest to pull. Also, dual autographed cards will be numbered to 25 copies  and Quad rookie autographed cards will be book cards and numbered 1/1.

The first insert to possibly have a sticker autograph looks to be on the rookie auto’d jumbo patch cards, but the Patch Book Cards, Letters Book Cards and Laundry Tag Book Cards will all feature on-card autographed and each be numbered to five copies with the exception of the Letter Books, numbered 1/1.

Important to note that the mock-up photos for Inception feature different players in college uniforms, but Topps Football has stated via its Twitter account that they will be in NFL uniforms once product has been released which is mid July.




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