2013 Score Football Preview

Score football is back with a vengeance. Many collectors (myself included) appreciate the fun, inexpensive, break that we get each year from Score. Over the last couple of years, it has become a tradition in my household to bust a couple of boxes of Score with my nephew in an attempt to put together the whole set. While we are busting, we engage in some “pack-wars” activities and other random nonsense to make the pack-busting even more fun.

At a dollar a pack, we never worry about pulling autographs or memorabilia cards…we just have fun. Because the autographs were SO rare (usually only one or two in every 6 boxes) the “Hot Rookies” and “Inscriptions” autographs from 2009-2012 actually maintained some serious value. This year, Panini seems to be growing the brand in small ways that will satisfy more of the adult collectors while still engaging the young ones.

For the collectors who CRAVE autographs, Panini is taking a page from Topps’ notebook with the inclusion of a “Jumbo” variation of the product. This product will feature ten fat packs, each including 50 cards. These boxes will yield at least two autographs and an additional hit.
2013 Score Jumbo Configuration

Instead of one autograph in every several boxes, the standard Score product will now feature at least one “Hit.” That hit might be an autograph card or it could be a memorabilia card. Collectors will get 36 packs in a box and the packs are expected to go for around $1.99 at retail.
2013 Score Classic Configuration


Score has some classic designs in its history. The most iconic is probably the 1989 green-bordered design that featured Barry Sanders’ rookie card. Panini will bring back this design as the standard “base” design for the first time. It was used as an insert set back in 2009 and again a few times since then, but never as the featured design. No word on whether the “Red Zone,” “Gold Zone,” and other such inserts will include serial numbers yet, but we certainly hope they bring them back. Score Football has a scheduled release date of May 13, 2013.


2013 Score Football

2013 Score Football


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